5 Things To Try If Sex Has Become Boring

If your relationship with your spouse might use a boost in pleasure, keep reading to learn more about you two as people.

Okay, perhaps using the word “boring” too strongly. However, unless you still live in the land of milk and honey, where you spend your nights (and days) strolling naked from bedroom to kitchen to bedroom while being hand-fed grapes and tickled with feathers, I’m sure the honeymoon stage is long behind you, and occasionally sex has grown monotonous. Not that such joyous and ecstatic emotions can’t or won’t return! Let’s try to address that by seeing what we can do.

One of the most crucial facets of your relationship is the level of sexual intimacy you have with your partner. If your relationship has ever taken a slight drop, you know that it may also effect other areas of your home life, your mood, and your happiness. Sex, and great sex for that matter, has long been cited as one of the secrets to a long and happy relationship.

“Bury your head in the pillow, don’t bury your head in the sand!”

Being open and honest about these highs and lows—both with yourself and with your partner—is crucial. There is no shame in admitting that sex has grown monotonous and that you occasionally need a little “shake up.” It’s also crucial to keep in mind that admitting this is not an admission of failure or that things are at their worst; most of the time, they aren’t.

Additionally, experimenting doesn’t mean that you have to commit heavily to it or include it in your standard sexual “repertoire.” Have fun, is what I say. Try foolish things and things you didn’t think you would like; if you like them, save them for a rainy day; if not, throw them away.

Consider a challenge you’ve always wanted to take on. Then, inquire if your partner has any suggestions. It doesn’t matter whether some people want to be open about their darkest impulses or stick to more reserved behavior!

The important thing is that you’re attempting something new.

Here are my top 5 suggestions to try if sex has grown monotonous:

Toys for sex
The understatement of the century is “toys are fun.” One cannot refute it. Boring is the complete opposite of sex toys. The objective of a toy or vibrator is to bring pleasure and stimulation. A toy is really defined in the dictionary as “a gadget or machine, considered to provide pleasure or amusement for an adult.”

Additionally, sifting through the vast selection of dubious pleasure products that are currently available online is frequently rather comical. Try something new, something unsavory, or something absurd! Over a few glasses of wine one evening, you and a friend shop online and get enthusiastic about the pleasure item’s impending delivery. True win-win situation. Of course, be sure to look at the Know Yourself Range.

The REFRESH G-Spot Vibrator is the best “all arounder” for bedrooms that are intended for couples. No need to apologize for the brazen plug! Although I’ll apologies for the pun, which beautifully sets up my second piece of advice…

If sex has grown boring, here are 5 things to try.

Role Playing
If any of you have ever watched Claire and Phil from Modern Family carry out the role-playing antics of “Clive Bixby” and “Julianna” (S1 ep15 – definitely watch it), you may have an idea of what role-playing might entail in a committed relationship. I play a role-playing game with a partner, but we don’t engage in rigorous method acting; instead, we play out silly scenarios like the ones Claire and Phil encounter. But it’s enjoyable!

Role play can be just what you both need if sex has grown monotonous and the mood strikes one evening. Be the doctor and the patient, the boss and the subordinate employee, the teacher and the student, the delivery guy and the homeowner, or total strangers… The possibilities for role-playing games are infinite!

Even if you go off course, laugh at the ludicrous situations and carry on. Afterward, discuss it with your companion to figure out what exactly worked well for them so you can utilize that strategy more often in the future role-playing adventures. Who knew that plumbers put in extra hours in the evenings?

If sex has grown boring, here are 5 things to try.

Anal sex 3.
It probably isn’t for you if the thought of anything having to do with anal sex makes you really queasy. However, if you’re willing to try some new things, anal sex might be fun for you and your partner to attempt.

Because most female pleasure originates in the brain before the parts, having anal sex is likely to boost your total enjoyment experience for women even though the taboo itself frequently causes more pleasure than any anatomical pleasure.

If anal sex isn’t for you, move on. Try using a finger or sex toy first, use lubricant, talk with your spouse about what you will do in advance, and perhaps have a glass of wine if the desire strikes.

Also, when having anal sex, go slowly. The power is always with the recipient. There are many wonderful health and sex suggestions on Healthline.com, including some excellent advice for those new to anal intercourse.

  1. Outside and in the Home
    This kind of delight may be familiar to those of you who remember the days of having sex in the restroom. However, I believe we can do better than a club restroom. Have you ever put your legs out on the top of your kitchen table? Have you ever engaged in sexual activity on the balcony or the patio furniture at the base of the garden?

You might try using your spacious walk-in shower one morning or just get comfortable on the couch in front of the TV in your underwear. The key is that you and your partner are stepping outside of your comfort zone and attempting something novel, which is thrilling to begin with. A fantastic method to truly explore what works for you and your spouse outside of your regular positions is to try different positions because of the unexpected situation.

If you share a house with others, make some preparations in case they decide to return home early one evening or, worse still, if one of your children decides to wake up. In the future, treatment may end up costing you money.

It really is astonishing how our Clitoris Clip On Vibrator PAUSE manages to tickle the clitoris from all angles in all places for a little varied outdoor play! A bonus for all couples and vulvas-havers is that the Clitoris Clip On Vibrator can be used during penetration because it is small enough to vibrate over the clitorial hood and won’t get in the way.

If sex has grown boring, here are 5 things to try.

  1. Undies
    An excuse to get some gorgeous underwear, this is one that all women ought to like! The goal is to purchase clothing that will be worn only before or during sex. These puppies should only be used in the bedroom, so don’t expect it to be incredibly comfortable or useful in terms of chafing and obvious lines under clothing.

It’s amazing how much of an impact lingerie can have on both your partner’s sex drive and your own self-confidence.

As they are the ones you are truly going for, inform your partner your sizes and urge them to buy for you for a true challenge! My advice is to get suspenders just; this way, you can leave the rest of your outfit on the entire time and can avoid fussing to get in. Who wouldn’t want to receive value for their money?

I recently experimented with Melbourne-based Hopeless Lingerie. They are crafted from materials that have been responsibly sourced and are seductive but sweet. “We constantly look to the ladies with power and authority, and harness their energy in every design,” is a wonderful remark.

Attempt Mary’s Secret Boutique, an Australian website with a wide selection of lingerie and costumes to spice up your relationship, if you want to try something riskier.

If sex has grown boring, here are 5 things to try (2)

Please DM or email me if you have any questions or issues about any of the content in this post. Everybody is unique, every one of our relationships is in a different stage, and the foundation of all these experiments and flings must unquestionably be trust.

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