Top Memphis Bloggers to Follow

Top Memphis Bloggers to Follow

Memphis Bloggers

Today, I am sharing some of my favorite (and top) Memphis bloggers I follow. These are peers who understands their followers/readers, take this craft seriously, and I respect. We are a melting pot of fashion, food, fun, and travel who understands the city and knows of all the happenings and luxuries Memphis has to offer. Personally, prior to traveling, I always head to Instagram in search of local bloggers to better understand the heart of the city, places to visit, whether it’s touristy or off the beaten path, top restaurants to try (popular or a hole-in-the-wall), places to shop, and even events that may be going on.

When you make your way to the great city of Memphis (my hometown), I hope you check out some of my favorite bloggers listed here to get a better feel of the city, as well as the people who makes her the great city she is! And without futher ado….

Keeping Up With Candy Floral Tiered Mini Dress

Let’s start with me. I am Candy, the creator of Keeping Up With Candy. (I have to be my biggest cheerleader, right?)

My Motto: ‘Every girl wants to look and feel great without breaking the bank and this is what KUWC represents.’

My goal is always about sharing my discoveries with my readers and followers. I hope everyone who stops by finds inspiration at KUWC that is both relatable and helpful…whether it be fashion, travel, home, beauty, or cuisine. I created KUWC as a creative outlet to express my love for a beautiful, yet affordable lifestyle.








Top Memphis Bloggers     Brittany Myers Cobb

I love keeping up with this gorgeous chic! Britney is a wife + mother of three who blogs about Life – Style – Beauty. And when she’s not in Mommy-mode or blogging, she’s teaching women how to become entrepreneurs. And to top it off, she is chairperson of Memphis Fashion Week 2020! Whewww! Not only is she beautiful, but she’s such a Boss Babe!!!











Memphis Bloggers I Follow I Love Memphis

Want to know what’s going on in Memphis. Well, look no futher than Holly Whitfield’s I Love Memphis blog. If it’s happening in Memphis, she’s got you covered! Arts & Music lover? She’s got you covered! Foodie? Serial shopper? You’re covered too! People, places, sports? Oh yeah, she’s got you too!

I love that she updates daily. So when I feel like I have nothing to do or perhaps want to do something different then the norm, I head over to I Love Memphis blog to see what’s going on in the city because, yes, she’s got me covered!









Denzel Alexander Top Memphis Blogger

There are very few Memphis male bloggers. But he is definitely paving the way for those who would love to follow in his footsteps! And talk about cool!!! Since discovering Denzel, I have always loved his sense of style. And he’s such a sweetheart as well. Denzel share his cool style, Memphis shananigans, and life with his new wife, family, and friends.








Memphis Blogger Cara Melized

‘The infectious smile that will brighten up your day’

I don’t get to see this beauty too often, but I keep up with her via her blog and IG Stories and absolutely LOVE her. Cara’s blog, Caramelized, is a self-created, award-winning food and lifestyle brand with a purpose to share, celebrate, and elevate everyday experiences.

Cara is a 20-something bonafide food and entertaining expert who, from her Tennessee townhome, shares the secrets to styling in a cinch.

Follow along, whether through her award-winning blog or day-to-day Instagram journey. Cara’s mantra “sweet touches to everyday experiences” is articulated through every recipe, restaurant review, and tablescape tutorial…with a smile!!!





  Curvaceously Bee Top Memphis Blogger

‘Always, Always, Always on Point’

Bianca Gale is the talent behind Curvaceously Bee, a blog dedicated to the Curvies of the world. Bianca is one of the most stylish Memphis bloggers I’ve encountered. Everything she wears, she shines. Bianca also shares what’s going on in her world, including her son, family, and friends, as well as fitness, and happenings around Memphis.







Memphis Bloggers I Follow David IV

‘Yasss Hunni, Mr. David has a creative style of his own’

And I love it! He doesn’t always play it safe…edgy, dapper, cool…which makes him stand out! David is fairly new to the blogging world, but he has definitely made a strong impact. Aside from blogging, he also has a jewelry line, is a fitness buff, and is into interior design.

And his signature mustache…you’ve gotta love it!









Pip Megan Memphis Blogger

Originally from Kentucky, Megan is exactly what comes to mind when the term “southern belle” gets thrown around. Stylish, poised, sassy and spitfire – she’s got that special something that makes people sit up and pay attention. With her equally adorable blog,, she is following in the footsteps of bloggers who document their daily lives, purchases, and pets for a fascinated audience of thousands.

Megan’s willingness to share her world, without sugar coating, makes her the kind of approachable heroine that women can relate to. Her audacious writing style makes posts about seemingly mundane things (her trio of toy dogs, junior league meetings, shopping) become endearing instead of redundant. Megan quite literally opens her doors to her readers — a reason that keeps them coming back daily.

Megan primarily focuses on fashion, but she sprinkles in a bit of beauty and travel to quench the thirst of her followers. And make sure to follow her on IG as well because this chic is a hoot!

Memphis Blogger

Alexandra Nicole

‘Fun, cute, and quirky is how I would describe Miss Alexandria. Oh, and she is every woman’

Alex’s motto is ‘The spontaneous world of a single, city momma’. She is a lifestyle blogger who talks about style, beauty, health, home, and parenting. This Boss Babe is also her own boss…can you say boutiue owner!!! She is a business consultant, fashion stylist, and brand developer. And after all of that, she spends her nights playing superheros, bathing kiddos, making dinner, and tucking in the littles.

City Chic Living began as a way for her to escape daily obstacles over a glass of wine and share some of my passions with the world.  As a mom blogger, she loves covering relatable topics such as personal editorials on fashion choices as a 30 something mom of two, beauty hacks for the boss mom, single life discoveries, lessons on staying healthy when there is no time, ideas for entertaining and dressing your kids, home decor tricks, and my travel diaries (with and without the kiddos).

  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –

Although there are many more Memphis bloggers who are just as awesome as the ones I’ve listed, these are just the ones I follow more frequently. Memphis is a melting pot of talented and creative bloggers, and I am proud to call them my peers.

When you make visit to Memphis, be sure to check out these bloggers to see what is going on in the city, how to dress, and where to eat and play.

Question: Have you ever visited Memphis before? If so, what was the highlight of your trip? If not, make sure you add this great city to your Bucket List!

Before I end, here are a few Memphis-related blog posts for your reading pleasure:

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Thank you so much for reading. And as always, have a beautiful day. -XOXO, Candy-

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