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In Fashion on
March 22, 2017

Heartbreaker Tee + Something New, Something Different

Heartbreaker Caption Tee 1

OK, let’s start with the hair. We’ve been moving into our new Memphis home for the past week and I really needed to do something with my hair. When I am in serious busy mode, I usually neglect to take care of my hair and face. Because I knew my hair would get absolutely no attention from me during this process, I decided to add extensions. This way, I could just get up and go! Read more

In Fashion on
January 30, 2017

Cute af

While out shopping last week with a friend, I was discussing how distasteful I find it when women post how cute/hot/pretty/etc they look on social media. While sometimes you must toot your own horn, I just really feel that others should pay you the compliment and not a selfie-on-selfie-‘to the world’ compliment. As soon as we walked into H&M, this tee immediately caught my attention. Read more