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February 17, 2017

Healthy & Tasty Smoothie Recipe + Benefits

Because I travel quite a bit, I don’t get to make my own healthy smoothies at home as often as I’d like. I usually head to local smoothie/juice joints and get them on-the-go. But when I am home in Atlanta and G. Boo isn’t there (he prefers real meals), I will typically whip up a green smoothie and call that dinner. Not only are smoothies good for you, they’re usually tasty AND low in calories! See my recipe later in this post.

5 Benefits of Smoothies:

  1. Smoothies Keep You Hydrated – A smoothie helps hydrate you for the day…something soda and coffee can’t do. Since your body pulls water from many foods in order to stay hydrated, you won’t have to drink as much water when you’re sipping on a smoothie (although it’s always best to drink water throughout the day). Milk and yogurt are largely water, so if your smoothie is dairy-based, you’ll quench your thirst. In hot weather, add some ice cubes to the blender for extra water.
  2. ‘Good’ Smoothies are Nutrient Dense and Contain Fat – And by ‘good’ I mean fruits and vegetables from the produce department and not soaked in syrup and from a can. Fruits and veggies from the produce department are natural, all real, nutrient-dense ingredients that provide vitamins and oils necessary for more complete nutrition. Fat is required for biological functions and is burned by your body for energy.  A truly healthy smoothie should have some dietary fat for the body to use in assimilating the vitamins.  Simply blending a banana with ice and skim milk does provide a great deal of benefits or nutrients.
  3. Healthy Smoothies are Better than Multivitamins – Despite what most people may think, daily “multi-vitamins” aren’t even regulated by the FDA and are not demonstrably proven to have significant health benefits, and few have been shown conclusively effective.  The bottom line, the best way to get nutrition is from food, and consuming a healthful smoothie every day gives you most of your nutrition in one proven, delicious dosage.
  4. Smoothies are Great Meal Replacements – Smoothies have two key advantages: Fiber keeps you full for longer, plus you can blend satiating ingredients you can’t necessarily juice like avocados and peanut butter. This means a smoothie is very substantial and filling…boosting fat and weight loss.
  5. Healthy Smoothies Are Simple to Make – When you have a good blender and easily accessible, quality ingredients, making a delicious, healthy smoothies is a snap. Start with 6 – 8 oz. of  Almond milk or cold-press juice, yogurt, fresh or frozen fruit. Most fruits are high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals adding a power boost to your day.  Certain combinations are quite tropical and make a great summer treat.  Other excellent ingredient choices are raw Omega-3 egg yolks, extra virgin coconut oil, shredded coconut & pure vanilla extract. (Courtesy of The Science of Eating)

It’s pretty obvious these are two different smoothies. When I originally made the darker smoothie, I made it while in Memphis. I photograghed the prep work as well as the finished product, but didn’t really have time for other pictures. So I had to make do when I made it back to Atlanta. The recipe here is for this smoothie, which is my favorite smoothie to make.


8 oz bottle of Cold-press juice of your choice (you wont use it all)

4-6 full lettuce leaves

Handful of frozen blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries

1/4 avacado

Lemon juice

1/2 apple and pear (cut in small to medium pieces)

1/2 cup pineapples

Always blend your juice and lettuce first. And make sure they are well blended. Nothing like the feeling of small pieces of lettuce from your smoothie in your mouth. Add your frozen fruit and blend. If it gets a little thick, just add more juice. Now add your apple and pear pieces and blend well. Lastly, add your pineapples, avacado, and squeezed lemon juice in the mixture and blend. Pour in a pretty wine or margarita glass, garnish with your fruit of choice and enjoy.

This is my favorite smoothie to make because it’s just so tasty. And I really do hope you give it a try. Do you have a favorite smoothie recipe you’d like to share here? If so, please do so!

Thank you so much for reading. And as always, have a beautiful day!

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  • Reply Amy M Loochtan

    This looks delicious and refreshing!

    XX, Amy | Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins

    February 17, 2017 at 10:45 am
  • Reply Donna B

    Sounds so good. I’ll have to try it.

    April 5, 2017 at 10:44 pm
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