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March 6, 2017

Blogs I’m Currently Loving

I thought today I would take a different route and share with you my favorite bloggers. I actually read several of them. But the five I’m listing today are the ones I especially love. Some of these ladies I have been following for a few years, some a few months, and one a few weeks. When I come across new blogs, I am always looking for gorgeous and quality photos with great content. And each of these ladies far exceeds what I’m looking for!

Carrie Bradshaw LiedTo me, Kathleen (of Carrie Bradshaw Lied) is the ultimate blogger. Not only does she gives me what I need in terms of great photos and content, she is just a super sweet and fiesty person. Kathleen is a California transplant from MS (my neighbor – I’m from TN). When I first started blogging, I reached out for her help and advice and she was always available…always responded to me. When Kathleen moved to California, it seems her blog just took off and blew up…in my eyes. She is the person who has been the most inspirational for me in the blogging world.

Carrie Bradshaw Lied mostly focuses on fashion, but she also posts on travel, home, and food & drink. She has a knack for making you want more with her blog posts. And funny? You should really check her out with her Snaps as well. Kathleen is my favorite blogger and I pray to have at least half the success she has accomplished.

Oh and might I add she looks FABULOUS in EVERYTHING she wears. She has the best legs ever hands down!

A Southern DrawlJust like Kathleen, Grace is a fabulous blogger who has some of the best photos out there. In addition to her gorgeous photos, I love that she focuses on her workout about once a week. Grace and I seem to have the same body type (with her being maybe a couple inches taller than me). So when I look at her photos, I’m always thinking “Candy, if you put forth an effort, your body could be just as tight as hers. Stop being lazy!!!” So I promised myself when I return from Mexico, I am going to incorporate some of her workouts in my life.

Allyson in Wonderland I’ve been following Allyson blog for only a couple of weeks, but have been following her on Insagram for some time now. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to check out her blog because she always had wonderful photos on IG. I was hooked for the moment I veiwed her blog. Allyson blogs about fashion, travel, and beauty. I especially love her travel posts. Because of them, I realize I really need to step up my travel photography! When I’m traveling, I told myself I would ask ‘What would Allyson take photos of?’

I can gaurantee you Allyson will keep you up-to-date on what’s trendy. She usually showcase more expensive fashion. Because I’m more of a budget-friendly fashion blogger, I will usually try to find similar items at a more comfortable price.

A Pair and a Spare If you’re into DIY, then this chic is for you! Geneva is the ultimate when it comes to DIYs…whether it be fashion, home decor, or entertaining. This is what her blog focuses on, although she incorporates a bit of travel as well. I’ve tried a couple of her fashion DIYs with great success. Her DIYs come with simple instructions and step-by-step photos. I can’t wait to try the floral ice bucket this spring!

Champagne & ChanelI have been following Emily for a few months now. What I love about her other than her stunning photos is her big, bright, gorgeous smile. In just about every photo of hers, that smile is there! Emily has some of the best photos out there. They are always bright and clean…which is what I aim for in mine. And she looks great in everything she posts. So make sure you check her out!


What all of these ladies have in common is great photos. I feel like any newbie blogger who really want to be successful in the blogging world (like me) should have the best photos as possible. Visual is everything in the blogging world. Hopefully, in the next couple of months I will have found a consistent photographer who can give me great photos and I am comfortable with.

Anyhoo, make sure you check out these fabulous ladies. And make sure you tell them I sent you over.

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Thank you so much for reading. And as always, have a beautiful day!

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    I am SO undeserving of your kind words, but you just made my week. Thank you for always being so kind and supportive. I love women supporting other women and it’s been amazing to watch your blog grow as well!! XOXOX

    March 6, 2017 at 3:13 pm
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