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May 2017

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May 25, 2017

Off-The-Shoulder Stripe Romper

1 Off the shoulder stripe romper

Can you believe Memorial Day weekend is just about here? It seems I keep asking myself where the months have gone. I mean, May just got here three days ago and here it is already the 25th!!! Time PLEASE slow down!!! I don’t want old age to get here before I’m ready for it. Read more

In Fashion on
May 22, 2017

Colorful Tassel Jewelry

Colorful Tassel Jewelry

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a pretty wonderful weekend. Mine was pretty filled. On Friday, the kids went to their school’s spring dance. And then my daughter’s friend came over for the weekend. She is just the cutest and sweetest thing ever. I love when kids are easy going and not demanding…especially on the weekend when all I want to do is rest, tv binge-watch, and order takeout. And thank God they let me do just that!!! Read more

In Fashion on
May 18, 2017

Peach Layered Shift Dress

1 Peach Layered Dress

I’ve always thought of the month of June as the beginning of summer vacation and that would be no exception for us. Next month, G. Boo and I are heading on our first international trip of the year to Greece. And guess what’s coming with me. If you guessed this dress, you would be most certainly correct! Read more

In Food & Drink on
May 17, 2017

Recipe: Giant Fruit Ice Cubes

1 Giant Fruit Ice Cubes

I love to have myself a nice cocktail at least twice a week. And my choice of spirit is vodka…more specifically Purity Vodka! I was perusing one of my favorite blogs and ran across a fruit ice cube recipe and knew this was something I needed to try out. And boy am I glad I did. Read more

In Fashion on
May 15, 2017

Navy Lace Dress

1 Navy Lace Dress

Happy Monday! I hope each of you had a wonderful weekend and Mother’s Day. Mine was just superb. My kids woke me up with a dance, flowers and gifts. I absolutely loved it!!! Afterwards, we went out for breakfast and did a little shopping for my daughter for her school’s Spring Dance taking place this weekend. Read more