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February 2017

In Fashion on
February 27, 2017

Bell Sleeve Top + Embroidered Pom Pom Clutch

Hola from Mazatlan, Mexico! Most of you don’t know that my parents live here. Although I miss them tremendously, I love that the chose a great place for me to visit. Not that they chose this paradise on account of me. And let me tell you, we really came at a great time…CARNIVAL!!!! Read more

In Fashion on
February 20, 2017

Travel Style

Good morning! By they time you read this (in the am), I will be in-flight to Mexico! Yep, Mexico. While I have a few friends who are afraid to travel to other countries because of the current state of our government, I just can’t stay still! Read more

In Food & Drink on
February 17, 2017

Healthy & Tasty Smoothie Recipe + Benefits

Because I travel quite a bit, I don’t get to make my own healthy smoothies at home as often as I’d like. I usually head to local smoothie/juice joints and get them on-the-go. But when I am home in Atlanta and G. Boo isn’t there (he prefers real meals), I will typically whip up a green smoothie and call that dinner. Read more